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ARMS (Advocates Removing Migraine Stigma)


Advocates Removing Migraine Stigma. ARMS is designed to empower people with migraine disease to advocate for themselves and help end migraine stigma. Migraine disease steals our identity, purpose and self worth. By educating family, friends, and co-workers, we can help put a stop to the ignorance surrounding this debilitating and isolating disease. There is NO SHAME IN MIGRAINE!  If you are interested in enlisting in ARMS please email

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CMA Support Squad (The Squad)


 The Squad are Chronic Migraine Awareness, Inc volunteers who are committed to surrounding another member going through a difficult time with love and compassion. Tasks of The Squad include, sending cards and Triage Kits that are provided by CMA, inc. If you are interested in joining The Squad, please email or leave a message in CONTACT US.

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Triage Kits


 The purpose of our Triage Kits are care packages of comfort and support items sent by The Squad to members who are going through a particularly difficult time.

If you know someone in need of support and a Triage Kit please send your request and where to send the kit to or leave a message in Contact Us. 

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Share Your Story and Your Talents


Share your  story with us! Please Contact Us and share about living with Chronic Migraine Disease. We'd love to share your talents too, please Contact Us, to share your migraine related art, poetry and graphics.

If you would like to submit an article to our partner blog The Migraine Mantras please contact

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