Rally Monkey is our Chronic Migraine Awareness Day campaign mascot. But he needs a name! Rally Monkey is here to remind society that people with chronic migraine “rally”, fight and will persevere against this disease.  He also serves to remind the community that we must continue to rally for chronic migraine awareness, individually and as a community. Finally, our furry friend will also serve to foster a sense of team unity and community, we are not alone in the fight! We need your help to give him a name! See our poll below! Get Rally Monkey merch!

Rally Against Chronic Migraine

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CMA's new mascot for CMA Day is a rally monkey, a furry friend who reminds us to fight for awareness. You will find him on many giveaways, such as:

How Do I Get Rally Merch?

Over the next few months we will be sending out Rally Merch in our Triage Kits, ARMS Kits, and gearing up for RetreatMigraine 2020 in Redondo Beach and Marina, Los Angeles, CA. You might even spot him hanging out at Miles for Migraine races across the country.

Your participation in the CMA Rally campaign will remind the community that we are stronger than our struggles. We band together and make noise, silently - in only the way a person with migraine can, to raise awareness for this disabling, neurological disease.

Show us your rally tattoo using our new hashtag: #RallyAgainstChronicMigraine #CMAware

Show us your rally tattoo using our new hashtag: #RallyAgainstChronicMigraine #CMAware

Name Rally Monkey

Rally Merch

Got Rally Merch?

We'd love to see you post our furry friend out and about on social media using #RallyAgainstChronicMigraine #CMAware and don't forget to tag us on Facebook and Instagram. We can also be found on Twitter.

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On Chronic Migraine Awareness Day - June 29th and All Year Long!

People with Chronic Migraine Rally Against Chronic Migraine Disease Everyday! Join The CMAware Team, and help the world hear our rally cry, as we fight stigma, raise awareness for this disease  and come together as a united team.

  1. Get your Rally Monkey Tattoo and Pennant
  2. Share your picture with your tattoo and/or pennant with #RallyAgainstChronicMigraine
  3. Share your new rally monkey friend and Change Your Profile Picture (below) with #RallyAgainstChronicMigraine, and invite others to participate. 


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Add a Rally Monkey profile frame to your Facebook and social media profile pictures!

Add a Rally Monkey profile frame to your Facebook and social media profile pictures!



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